Jon Maiga

I am a machine learning enthusiast, check out my text classification API here I am pretty happy with the implementation of my own translation algorithm.

If you are into number sequences, my hobby project might interest you, it's a database of procedurally generated integer and decimal sequences.

Games are also fun to program you can see some of my creations at I've published the source code for a b-spline noise thingy. Also pretty happy with an unreleased implementation of Advancing Front/Marching triangle, video here. Professionally I've worked on DICE (2006-2008), King (2009-2011) and Mojang (2012-currently).

J. Maiga, 2023, A Recurrence Related to the Kolakoski Sequence
J. Maiga, 2023, Numberforge prototype
J. Maiga, 2023, Tests for randomness (TFR) (c++ repository)
J. Maiga, 2021, A selection of procedurally generated conjectures
J. Maiga, 2021, Counting the primes
J. Maiga, 2021, Approximating the prime counting function
J. Maiga, 2020, The construction of a bit mixer | Tuning bit mixer | The mx3 mix/prng/hash functions | mx3 on GitHub | Mx3 rev 2 and improved murmur3
J. Maiga, 2020, B-splines in C2
J. Maiga, 2019, A few good looking recursive functions
J. Maiga, 2019, Upper bound of Fibonacci entry points
J. Maiga, 2019, The Pisano period of Fibonacci k-sections
J. Maiga, 2018, Euler Phi, Chowla and Mersenne primes
J. Maiga, 2018, Efficient computation of ratios between divisor sums
J. Maiga, 2018, Liouville's function and triangular numbers
J. Maiga, 2018, Proof of formula for upper s-Wuthoff sequence
J. Maiga, 2018, Stack sorting and fertility numbers
J. Maiga, 2018, Fun with signed nested exponentials and the prime numbers
J. Kagstrom, 2005, Improving naive bayesian spam filtering

My twitter handle is @jonkagstrom